I know how difficult it is to get rid of an addicted routine that has accompanied you for many, many years and that in some cases is sociable accepted. Nicotine, legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, food, the list goes on and on.

Addictions are very challenging to the client but also for other members of the family that suffer the consequences of living with a person that struggles with an addiction. I need from you to be really motivated to change your life. I will not take clients that come to Hypnotherapy just because other members of the family have convinced them to do so. So the client can tell to the husband/wife/partner/friend that they have tried hypnosis and it did not work. I will use hypnosis to help you to find the way to learn a new life, but you need to give 100% of your effort so we can be successful.

During the session we will find out, normally with the use of regression, what is really causing you to behave in a destructive way towards yourself. We will work on your anxiety episodes while you are in absence of the addicted substance so you will be able to overcome you cravings. You will be able to feel in control instead of feeling that the addiction controls you.


Anxiety - Panic attacks

Break-ups can bring anxiety and desperation to your life, having a job interview, an exam, your own insecurity, you name it, the list is long. However, sometimes we don’t know why we feel anxious, why we feel an irrational fear to fly or to make a contact with a person we do not know. Nobody deserves a life with the unwelcome anxiety symptoms (heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness) and with the help of hypnosis you can finally start a new life free of those symptoms.

Some clients really struggle to find a way to be relaxed and calm. They are terrified and anxious with the idea of being hypnotised. I will show you techniques to learn how to relax, so you can put them in practise when you are at home or at work. I help clients with anxiety issues dealing with the “real” cause of the anxiety.

Sometimes we need to go back to the past, maybe even to a time when we were kids, to find out the hidden causes of the anxiety. With the help of Hypnosis we can work together to find out what wrong theories, that are causing us anxiety, had been in our subconscious mind for many years without us even being aware. With relaxation techniques we can work together and find new ways of dealing with anxiety.


HypnoBirthing and Postnatal emotions

HypnoBirthing is a wonderful way to bring relaxation through your pregnancy and the birth of your child. It will help you mums to feel in control of your body, to  your partner, to feel like is part of that beautiful experience of giving birth and for the baby to welcome the world in a more relaxed and calm manner!!

And then the baby arrives!!

Nobody knows how being a new mother is going to affect your life. Some mothers will enjoy fully and many others will have up and downs. Stress, anxiety and depression are not uncommon issues that you as a new mother may have to deal with.  If you are relaxed your kids will notice it and they will react better. With hypnosis we can work together in finding relaxation techniques that are suitable only for you, so you will be capable to overcome the anxiety and the stress with the help of self-hypnosis.


Eating disorder - weight control

I like to call it emotional eating, we can eat because we are bored, anxious, depressed or just because we think we deserved. The brain responds to food with a pleasure association. You just need to pass by a bakery and the smell of a fresh cooked bread will go straight to your brain quicker than any other smell! You will probably find yourself producing saliva without even noticing it (highly related to a pleasure experience).

Many diets do not work or do not have lasting results because we are working with our willpower at a conscious level. Hypnosis helps you to understand what is really causing you to overeat and the most important thing the subconscious mind will find other ways to deal with food in a healthier and lasting manner.

“After my twins pregnancy I felt like I would never be able to use my clothes again from before the pregnancy. After using hypnosis in conjunction with patience and a healthy diet I have managed to squeeze on a pair of my favourite jeans again!”


Fear of flying

"I was on a plane with my husband, I was fine until I heard an announcement from a flight attendant asking for a doctor and then I started to panic and feel anxious”.

This one instance could be the trigger point for a fear of flying going forward, which is one of the most common phobias that impacts the general population.  Hollywood movies and the nightly news may play another role in creating a fear of flying in letting the imagination run wild.  The reality is that the latest statistics show there is less than one accident for every 4 million flights!
There are some very well documented examples of people in the public spotlight whom maintain a fear of flying which has impacted career progression - with one famous example being former Arsenal and Dutch International star Dennis Bergkamp.

Read the related article here

"It got so bad I would look up at the sky during away games to see what the weather was like. Were there any clouds coming? Sometimes I was preoccupied by the flight home while I was playing football. It was hell.’"  Dennis Bergkamp:
As can be seen here this phobia has likely ruled him out as a serious contender for the next manager role at Arsenal.
Similarly I have had some clients that had to fly for their professional jobs and they used prescription drugs to overcome their fear. This solution can lead to an addiction and is not solving the root of the problem, the fear. With hypnotherapy many clients are able to take a plane again without having any fear, so can you.


Fear of heights

Some people are not aware that they have a fear of heights until they have to look from a very high balcony or overlook a high bridge. You may feel nauseous or dizzy and anxiety symptoms may start to arise. You may have irrational thoughts about jumping over or falling off the bridge even though you are aware you will not do it.

Fortunately this type of fear responds very well to hypnosis. You will be able to overcome those fears probably in a few sessions; depending on the person. We will work together to find out the reason why you feel that being in a high position can be a threat for you. After the sessions you will be able to be in control again and feel more relaxed.



It is believed that between 15-30% of the population suffer from headaches or cephaleas.  The pain of the headache is the result of the excessive dilatations of the sanguineous vases, the meninges and the brain. The person that suffers from a headache can be unable to operate for a period that goes from 4 to 72 hours. This can be very devastating for the client and can also affect family and work.

The best way to avoid those headaches is to prevent them because when they are already there sometimes only medication works. With hypnosis you will learn to relax, so your muscles, your nerves will be less tense, the relaxation will bring more oxygen to your veins to your capillaries and the dilatation will diminish and therefore the intensity of the pain.

Some people experience flash images one hour before a headache, a light that anticipates that the headache is coming. Other people do not have any light flashes.  I can teach you some techniques to prevent those headaches depending if you have some flash images (auras) before the pain starts or not.  You will feel relief, calm and relaxation after the session.



Pain managment

Nowadays pain is one of the reasons why most people go to the doctor. It can be a chronic pain, normally associated to an illness  or condition that may last a lifetime. Or may be an acute pain, that may occur in specific situations and normally will not last a long time.

The good news is it can be treated. With the right techniques your mind can reduce the intensity of pain that is in your body. You can feel analgesia in your hand and therefore you can apply that lack of sensation to other parts of your body.  During the session and while hypnotised, you will practise techniques to reduce the intensity of the unpleasant sensation (that is how I like to talk about pain), so you can feel more in control and more positive about it.

Hypnosis has helped many patients suffering even from  cancer to have a better quality of life and sometimes even to cure it. It is very important not to forget how powerful our mind is and how it can influence our body.



The most common phobias are claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), agoraphobia (fear of being away from a place of safety) but is not uncommon that a person has a combination of both phobias and even a third very popular phobia (fear of flying). In this case the client needs to travel accompanied, normally with a member of the family, in order to feel capable of taking a plane, the tube or a bus. But there are also other phobias than can be successfully treated with hypnosis such as:

Fear of the dentist
Fear of driving 
Fear of failing exams 
Fear of specific animals or insects 
Fear of needles, etc. 

Every fear that your mind has associated with a specific situation or event can be treated.

You know that those fears are irrational, the likeliness of having a plane hijacked is extremely remote but you cannot avoid worrying then the unwanted symptoms starts again. Your conscious mind is aware that they are unrealistic but you cannot control them. This is because they have never been treated at a subconscious level, when hypnotised, we will work together with your subconscious mind and you will be able to control those episodes.

You will learn relaxation techniques to overcome those unwanted symptoms.



Being pregnant is something extraordinary but not everybody feels or experiences it the same way. A healthy pregnancy is not always the case. I can assist you with moving placentas, relocating the baby from breach to head position, self-practising  relaxing techniques, controlling foetus movements when going through aggressive and invasive tests (amniocentesis) and of course the never mentioned post natal depression. I feel fulfilled when after a session a “mother to be” tells me how relaxed and calm she feels after talking to me. If she is calm, the baby will feel it and the pregnancy will go smoother.

For those women like me whom decided to have kids in their late 30’s early 40’s, I highly recommend the use of hypnosis. When you are thinking about getting pregnant and it does not happen, you become obsessed with the thought of getting pregnant.  That additional stress is not going to help. I can help you to learn to relax and whilst hypnotised contact the subconscious mind and assist you with visualisation techniques. The session will be very relaxing and a positive experience for you.

I can help you also if you are going through any fertility treatment to get pregnant. There are statistics that show that more women get pregnant with the help of hypnosis. If you are more relaxed, your body and the organs of the reproductive system will be more relaxed and ready to accept and develop the new embryo.



Public speaking

I have used hypnosis to help senior managers to overcome fears and be successful in work presentations or in promotional interviews.  Although a fear or phobia of public speaking is not very common, it is nonetheless limiting and debilitating.

“We are born with very little knowledge but we learn as we grow”.

The good news is that a fear of public speaking is not something that we are born with, we develop a fear at some point of our life! Maybe we had a bad experience when we were at school and had to read to the other kids in the class or saw somebody else with a bad experience in a public communication. Whatever may have happened, with the help of hypnosis we will find out and work together in finding new positive ways to deal with it.

Many sales professionals have found the use of hypnosis very beneficial to overcome their fears and to be able to make confident presentations in front of an audience without feeling panic.

See below my client Shanez. After two sessions, she was  brilliant on this TV interview!!. Well done!!




It is part of human nature to reach out to other people and forge relationships, called friendship, partnership or marriage.

This relationship is created for beneficial purposes in order to feel loved and accompanied. But when the relationship is broken then the emotions experienced are not easy to deal with.  I work with people that need to deal with a divorce, an infidelity, an extremely dependent relationship, a relationship with someone that is not able to express their emotions.

With the help of hypnosis we will work at subconscious level and you will be able to learn how to forgive and let go all the unwanted feelings. You will learn how to be free again, focus in the present and enjoy a new life.



Stress, competition, relationships, many things can cause us to feel down and insecure about ourselves. Some of my clients have felt so low that they were not feeling capable to start searching for a job. Working together and with hypnosis you can find the strength in yourself to be confident again and gain the control of your life.

I am confident that I am not confident at all!

If this phrase sounds familiar to you, do not doubt that I can help you with hypnosis and a much tailored session. We will work together at a subconscious level to get rid of those negative thoughts and ideas so you can reach your full potential.

"When I first met Eva I felt very relaxed and calm, she is very approachable and professional. After being a housewife for many years I felt terrified by the thought of starting to look for a job again. Eva helped me to work on my low self-esteem, so I was able to feel confident again and the result was I ended up getting a job as a Sales Assistant."


Skin Disorders, Psoriasis, eczemas

Psoriasis affects between 1% and 3% of the UK population. As psoriasis can run in families it is also thought that it can be genetic factor but what is causing psoriasis is unfortunately not clear.  What I know is that the immune system is your body’s defence against diseases and infections, but in people with psoriasis it attacks health skin cells by mistake.

But like other illnesses of the immune system, psoriasis responds very well to hypnosis.  You can help yourself to control the symptoms and feel more relaxed and calm about psoriasis.

Clients with eczemas or other skin disorders can find that after few sessions the symptoms fade away without the need of any medication.


Smoking cessation

I was a smoker for 22 years and know how difficult it can be to stop smoking; now I am free from cigarettes for the last 4 years and I am confident and happy to say that if I did it, you can also do it!

You already know how nicotine can hurt your health and is an expensive habit, what I WANT YOU TO CONSIDERER IS how good you are going to feel once you become a non-smoker. 

You will find yourself not only having more money to save and  spend on other items, but also gaining more happiness with yourself for being able to learn a new life with no smoking and feeling that you are in control, not to mention improvement in your health.

Remember if you are able to not smoke for an hour, you can do it for a day, a week, a month, a year….a life.

Watch how Matt Damon quit smoking with hypnotherapy


Sport performance

You do not just visualise that your are scoring a goal, or you are hitting the golf ball in the perfect spot, you FEEL it.

During the session you will be able to feel those moments of achieving your goal like if it was happening right now, therefore you will believe them. That is how powerful the subconscious mind works. You will not have doubts about your full potential and your capacity to exceed your goals.

Every client has different needs but normally they come to seek help with hypnosis when they have fear of failure, mixed messages of thoughts, doubting thoughts at the wrong time, loss of focus, emotional anxiety before vital events, it varies.

It is well known that Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, amongst other successful athletes, have found the use of hypnosis very beneficial for their careers.


Stage fright

It seems strange that someone who has decided to make his living from acting or performing can feel very anxious with the idea of performing on stage. It is more common than you would ever think. Its also called anxiety performance, you will normally feel nervous about forgetting the lyrics on stage or having a mediocre performance far from your capabilities.  The fears we can create in our minds varies.

When hypnotised you will be able to overcome those fears and reduce the anxiety. We will work at subconscious level and you will feel confident and more importantly you will establish new positive ways of thinking and you will get rid of old negative patterns.

We will work together to find relaxation techniques that you can practise even moments before going to stage,so you can feel that YOU are in control and NOT that the anxiety controls you.

Please see below the link
Adele beating Stage Fright


Stuttering - Stammering

A person who stutters often repeat words or parts of the words and tends to prolong certain speech sounds. They may also find it harder to start or repeat words. Some may become tense when they start to speak, they may blink rapidly or their jaw may tremble as they try to communicate. Their speech may be completely “blocked”. That means that their mouths are in the right position to say the right word but virtually no sound comes out. Conversely a stammer person will find difficulties to finish the words or the sentences.

If I tell you that famous politicians and actors were suffering from problems of speech you will nowadays not be surprised. Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Anthony Queen, Rowan Atkinson, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and even Moses were suffering in some moments in their life of speech difficulties.

About 1% of the UK adult population has a stutter or stammer. Hypnosis can help to find out the reason that is causing you having a problem in communication.


Stress - relaxation

Tension and relaxation are two opposed responses of the human body. When you are under stress you tense your muscles to a point that it can be even painful for you. There are 360 muscles in our body and guess what, the neck muscles are the first to tense up and the last to relax. If you are relaxed the muscles feel loose and the tension goes away.  You cannot be tense and relaxed at the same time. That is why it is so important to learn how to relax ourselves.

A little bit of adrenaline is necessary when we want to perform in a stressful situation but the problem appears when the adrenaline overcomes the body and we are not in control anymore.

While hypnotised we will work together at subconscious level so you can be able to cope with a stressful situation with a moderate amount of adrenaline and stress in your body. You will feel in control again after the session and very relieved and relaxed.


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